Cynthia Crockett

Who is Cynthia Crockett?

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Coach. I offer Christian based individual and group psychotherapy and coaching. My focus is Women, especially those who want to improve their relationships and Singles who desire marriage.

I am available for speaking engagements. I conduct retreats and workshops. I offer a monthly teleconference for Saved Singles and a private Facebook group for Single’s Desiring God’s Best.


“I attended one of your singles classes at a local conference a few years ago. I enjoyed the class and was able to share the information with my church.”  – JT, Workshop Participant

“I immediately sign up for any workshop that you are presenting.  I took all of your workshops last year also.”  Workshop Participant

“I like being able to ask questions and get feedback from other Saved Singles.”  –  Healing is a Choice Group Participant

“I was pleasantly surprised, I started not to attend the workshop.  I thought you’d talk about being simply satisfied as a Christian Single, but you spoke on selecting good marriage partners and marriage as positive.” – Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, Washington, DC. Workshop Participant

“I enjoyed the ability to hear from men, what men want out of a relationship.”  – Workshop Participant

The “organizing by moving 27 items each day” plan you discussed, is working for me.  I set aside the same time each day — a good time for me as you emphasized– and I am doing it!  Thanks!  Now I see that sometimes advice given lovingly more than once over time as you’ve done actually works and ultimately may make a difference!  Thanks for caring enough to offer tips as I need it.   – Coaching Group Participant